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Mio Strapless Heart Rate Monitors Mio Strapless Heart Rate Monitors - FREE Shipping
Mio uses patented MioSensors that work by finger touch rather than the chest strap used by most other heart monitors. When you want to measure your heart rate, you place two fingers on the MioSensors and in seconds, MIO measures and displays your heart rate. The watch also can display the percentage of your maximum heart rate and the calories burned. more about Mio

Heart Rate Monitors
Heart Rate Monitors


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Purchase ANY heart rate monitor and get FREE UPS Ground Shipping OR Guaranteed 2-Day UPS delivery for only $5. And for a limited time, you'll also get a FREE Fat Caliper- A $29.95 Value!

MIO Times 1 0060US-BLK2 MIO Times 1 Timer
Price: $12.99
Free Shipping
The Times 1 is an introductory, all purpose sports timer. It is good for timing single and split events. It's large, easy to read display also includes time, date and month. Equipped with a whistle as well, the Timer 1 is a great fitness tool for coaches of sports teams and even parents and children playing in their backyard

Mio Strapless Heart Rate Monitors

Mio Strapless Heart Rate Monitors

MIO is the world�s first ECG Accurate Strapless Heart Rate Monitor. Being strapless gives you the freedom to check your heart rate whenever and wherever you want. Simply put MIO provides you heart rate On-Demand!

MIO was created to give the user freedom from chest straps. MIO makes it easy to monitor your heart rate throughout the day as well as while exercising.

Experts agree that monitoring your heart rate is a great indication of your overall health and fitness level. Monitoring your heart rate will assist you in achieving your lifestyle and fitness goals.

Remember that your heart is ultimately a muscle, so if you want it to be strong you need to exercise it. MIO provides accurate and easy to understand biofeedback information that helps you keep informed and in tune with your body.

The MIO Story

MIO gets it's name from the Italian word for "mine" - it's the fitness tool designed to give you personalized feedback unique to your own body.

Our story began in 1999 when MIO was invented by entrepreneur and mother of three, Liz Dickinson...

Like many of us, Liz balances family and career, leaving little time for fitness. After several unsuccessful attempts to achieve her fitness goals and shed the pregnancy weight-gain of her third child, Liz turned to a personal trainer for advice. Working with her trainer, Liz realized the key to getting in shape and staying in shape is to practice smart eating habits by monitoring calorie intake and to exercise at the appropriate level by using a heart rate monitor to measure her exertion. Liz quickly realized that there wasn�t a product available on the market that would easily help her follow her personal trainer�s advice. She didn�t have the time to read product labels and carry a calorie journal in her purse. Nor did she have much patience for the uncomfortable chest strap she had to wear to get her heart rate.

There had to be a better way?

Using her technology and marketing savvy, Liz created MIO, the world�s first strapless heart rate monitor sports watch. But she didn�t stop with heart rate. MIO also has a patented* calorie management system that offers a straightforward approach to managing your diet through monitoring calorie intake. With the help of MIO and a balanced diet, Liz was able to shed those unwanted pounds and gain the benefits that come with improved fitness: more energy, more vitality and less stress.

Liz founded Physi-Cal Enterprises to share MIO watch with the world. In the eleven years since it arrived on store shelves, the MIO family of strapless heart rate monitor watches has grown, retail distribution has expanded and MIO is now recognized as a pioneer in health and fitness innovation.

ECG Accuracy

What is ECG and what does ECG accurate mean?
An electrocardiogram, ECG or EKG, is a measure of the electrical activity of the heart. This electrical activity regulates heart contraction, so an ECG measures an exact heart rate and rhythm. ECG is the most accurate, medically accepted way to monitor heart rate.

Is MIO as accurate as chest strap monitors?
Watches with a chest strap often rely on analog wireless transmission, making them prone to radio frequency noise and �cross talk� between units (like that between portable or wireless phones). Also, by relying on radio transmissions, chest strap monitors lag behind the true heart rate, due to the need for excessive filtering in the software to reduce reading fluctuations caused by noises and muscles.

MIO is a self-contained unit with built-in sensors, making it immune to environmental noises. MIO Watch is as accurate and more than typical watches with a chest strap because MIO�s superior digital filtering techniques allows it to follow your true heart rate, even as your heart rate changes. And you don�t have put up with that annoying chest strap!

MIO is a tool you can trust to provide you with ECG accurate heart rate readings so that you'll know exactly what�s going on in your body.

Understanding Your Heart Rate

Why should I monitor my heart rate?

Knowing your heart rate is key to managing your weight and achieving your fitness goals. With MIO you can take your ECG accurate heart rate quickly and easily with the simple touch of a button, which means you can use it during a work out to ensure you're exercising efficiently, and throughout the day to monitor your stress levels.

By monitoring your heart rate during exercise, you can maximize your workouts. Your heart rate measures your intensity level, and by monitoring it you'll know exactly when to increase or decrease your intensity so that you can exercise safely and efficiently while achieving the fitness results you desire. Using MIO during exercise will ensure that you exercise at an appropriate level of intensity and make the most of your workout time.

It is also beneficial to measure your heart rate throughout the day. Because MIO is a line of strapless heart rate monitors, you don't have to wear an uncomfortable chest-strap. It has never been easier to take a medically accurate heart rate anytime you want it! This can provide reassurance to cardiac patients and others interested in all-day monitoring.

MIO also provides biofeedback, which is useful for stress reduction. By using MIO you can see how your heart rate varies throughout the day and how you respond to stressful situations. Using relaxation techniques such as deep breathing and rest, you can easily learn how to lower and control your heart rate leaving you more calm and focused!

What is the difference between my pulse and heart rate?
Heart rate is based on the number of times your heart contracts in a given period, measured in beats per minute. Your pulse rate is the number of times blood, forced by your contracting heart, surges through and dilates your vessels in a given period.

Why is measuring my heart rate better?
Measuring your heart rate is much more accurate. Also, heart rate monitors are tested for accuracy while pulse monitors are not.
Sometimes, such as with irregular or premature beats, the heart does not send out enough blood to be felt as a pulse, and the pulse rate will differ from the heart rate. Before beginning any fitness program, you should have a complete physical examination and consult your physician about an appropriate heart rate target zone for your fitness level.

What is resting heart rate?
Resting heart rate is just that - the rate of your heart while you are at rest. It is best to measure for your resting heart rate when you are not performing any physical activity. Ideally, this would be immediately after waking up (without an alarm).
Most people have an average resting value of 72 beats per minute. Genetics and other factors play a role, but generally resting heart rate is also a measure of fitness. Those who are well conditioned may have resting heart rate values in the high thirties to low forties. Most values fall between 38 to 78 beats per minute.

What is heart rate recovery?
Heart rate recovery is the best indicator of your fitness level.
With MIO, a recovery test can easily be taken manually or with the built in test on the MIO Motiva or Motiva Petite watch. Take your heart rate during activity. Cease activity. Wait 1 minute. Take your heart rate again. The value should drop at least 20 beats per minute. If it does not drop quickly you need to work on your cardio conditioning. The more conditioned you are the faster your heart rate should drop. For more information contact your physician.

What is maximum heart rate?
Your heart has a theoretical maximum value at which during extreme exertion, you approach physical exhaustion. Coming too close to this value is dangerous for those at risk for heart attacks. The percentage of maximum heart rate tells you how close you are to this dangerous value. For most people, exercising within a range between 55% and 75% of maximum will yield the greatest benefit.
All MIO watch models display your percentage of maximum every time you take a reading, which is personalized based on the personal data you enter into the watch (age, gender, weight, resting heart rate).
To work out efficiently and maximize the results of your fitness program, you should monitor your heart rate regularly to ensure that you are exercising at an appropriate level of maximum heart rate.

**Before beginning any exercise program, please consult with your physician.**

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