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UPPAbaby Vista V2 Stroller - FREE Shipping! UPPAbaby Products - FREE Shipping!
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The VISTA takes your child on the road in style. Designed to grow with your child, the VISTA is the ideal strolling solution from birth through the toddler years. It adapts easily to your growing family with solutions for a big brother or sister.
UPPAbaby 2012 Vista Strollers

VISTA Rumbleseat
 double in-line stroller kits
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UPPAbaby Vista Strollers

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UPPAbaby 0274 Parent Organizer II
UPPAbaby 0274 Parent Organizer II , add $38.99

Optional Accessories

The NEW VISTA stroller keeps first time parents and growing families moving forward with ease and style. Building on the success of the original must-have stroller, the new VISTA stroller?s intuitive design folds easily, adapts as your family grows in a variety of new configurations, and maneuvers like a single stroller. It can comfortably hold 2 MESA infant car seats, 2 bassinets, or 2 toddler seats (the new RumbleSeat reclines and can be used rear or forward facing). Transport up to three children easily by adding a PiggyBack Ride-Along board.

Gaining momentum from one to two and even three children.
Our newly designed RumbleSeat can go rear facing, forward facing and recline ? it?s the multitasking stroller seat you have only dreamed of. It rolls with the punches, and it does it with strength. While one child is enjoying a snack, the other can be enjoying a catnap. One can face forward, and and the other face backward. Your family has multiple needs, and your VISTA stroller has the flexibility and comfort to provide an enjoyable ride. Add our PiggyBack ride-along board and you are outfitted for three babes in tow.

Infant + Toddler
Your first is no longer a baby anymore. They are climbing, running, and asserting themselves throughout their world. And now they have a new role of big brother or sister! The VISTA expands to accommodate your new addition right from birth with their older sibling in tow.

You are blessed with not one little bundle of joy, but two! The VISTA now allows for 2 infant car seats, 2 bassinets or 2 toddler seats revolutionizing travel with twins!

Toddler + Toddler
It?s hard to believe how quickly they grow and change. Your baby is now pulling on the rail of her crib and may actually skip walking and go right from crawling to running. Big brother isn?t quite ready to abandon his stroller throne and walk along side. The VISTA expands to accommodate two toddlers of varying ages. With the RumbleSeat your little one can nap while your older child takes in his surrounding.

Smart configurations designed to make transporting two easier
RumbleSeat + Toddler Seat
RumbleSeat + Toddler Seat
RumbleSeat + Toddler Seat
2 MESA Infant Car Seats (Upper + Lower Adapters required)
RumbleSeat + MESA (Upper Adapter required)
RumbleSeat + MESA (Upper Adapter required)
Bassinet + Toddler Seat (Upper + Lower Adapters required)
2 Bassinets (Upper + Lower Adapters required)

Tech Specs Overview


  • Unfolded: 26.5in W x 37in L x 39.5in H
  • Folded with seat attached: 26.5in W x 14in L x 33in H
  • Folded without seat attached: 26.5in W x 13.5in L x 33in H

includes canopy, wheels, and basket

  • Frame + Seat: 27.5 lbs
  • Frame: 20 lbs
  • Seat: 7.5 lbs
  • Bassinet: 8.4 lbs


  • Aluminum Alloy / Magnesium Frame
  • Wheels
  • Bassinet
  • Bumper Bar
  • Bassinet Bug Shield
  • Bassinet Storage Bag
  • Toddler Seat
  • Toddler Seat Rain Shield
  • Toddler Seat Bug Shield

VISTA Rumbleseat
Convert your VISTA stroller to a double in-line stroller with ease and style. Designed exclusively for 2009 and later model VISTA strollers, the RumbleSeat converts a single stroller to a double in-line stroller in seconds. Whether it?s a quick stroll to the supermarket or a long, leisurely walk through the park, this exclusive seat provides maximum comfort and style for parents? precious cargo..

Convert your VISTA stroller to a double in-line stroller with ease and style. Designed exclusively for 2009 and later model VISTA strollers, the RumbleSeat converts a single stroller to a double in-line stroller in seconds. Whether it?s a quick stroll to the supermarket or a long, leisurely walk through the park, this exclusive seat provides maximum comfort and style for parents? precious cargo.


13in x13in unfolded, 14in x14in folded
Weight: 4.9 lbs

Weight capacity from 6 months to 35 lbs.

  • 10 second ?no tools? attachment and removal to VISTA stroller (RumbleSeat must be removed in order to fold the VISTA)
  • 3 possible stroller configurations (not to be used in conjunction with the VISTA Bassinet)
  • Older child sits in RumbleSeat with infant closer to parent in infant car seat
  • Wheels are out of hands reach no fender kits required
  • 5-point harness with 3-point height adjustment
  • No flip when primary child gets out
  • Removable canopy extends fully to back of primary seat
  • Removable and washable fabric
  • All anodized aluminum frame

Mom to Mom Recomendation

lobster clip on highchair

If you’ve ever found yourself wishing that you owned a magical bag from which you could pull out even the most cumbersome baby gear items at a moment’s notice, then the phil&teds lobster high chair is the one for you.

This little lifesaver is compact, portable and even comes in a cute, purse-like carrying case that allows you to tap into your inner Mary Poppins.

Having tried out other clip-on high chairs in the past, including the phil&teds metoo high chair, I was already a fan of the genre’s convenient portability, but I was skeptical that this one had anything that different to offer from its compact counterparts. And while the lobster didn’t stray too far from the original clip-on high chair concept (hey, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it!), the strength of this little lobster is in the details.

Let’s start with size. When folded, the lobster is so small and unimposing that I began to doubt that it would unfold into a seat large enough to even fit a newborn, let alone the three year old it boasts it can support. However, once I pulled the seat out of the carrying case, it practically assembled itself into a roomy, sturdy chair.

Without so much as glancing at the instructions, I intuitively attached the lobster to the table by placing the edge between its “claws” and easily tightened the twistable handles. Before trusting the chair to hold my daughter, I gave the lobster a good shake and tested it with most of my own weight. Those little claws didn’t move an inch.

Though the lobster is officially approved for children six months to three years of age, my four month old can sit up and has control of her head, so I carefully placed her in the seat and adjusted the five-point harness to fit her tiny body. I was extremely impressed by this feature, as it makes the seat suitable for smaller children who need a little more security, but it has room to grow as well.

The icing on the cake was the removable tray—a feature that most clip-on high chairs lack. Although the tray doesn’t really attach to the seat and instead kind of slides between the table and the top claws, I thought it was a nice option for those times when you need a clean surface for baby instead of just the table top.

Overall, I was extremely impressed with the lobster’s size, strength and security. The only real con I noticed was that it is not suitable for certain types of tables—including glass, those with leaves and single pedestal tables. If you owned that type of table, you would have to save the lobster exclusively for outings to restaurants, parks, etc. Ultimately, I highly recommend the lobster and even insisted that my parents use one as their grandparent’s high chair.

by Pregnancy Magazine


where is this
In Italy


where is this
Where is this Car seat made?

Product Reviews

(5.00) Jana 25-Jan-13
I absolutely love this stroller, is great to ride, is wide and even a tall person can ride it comfortably. It is easy to fold, with or without the seat - no matter which direction is the seat facing. The white color is actually more like silver/grey and it just looks fashionable.
(1.00) Jirwin 23-Jan-13
The heart rate monitors without the chest strap do not work as advertised. Works OK as a watch.
(2.00) Zeus Luce 13-Dec-12
Stadiometer arm is cheap flimsy plastic, breaks, Tanita customer service is abysmal--do not return emails, phone not good customer service, not sure what the warranty covers. On their website they say warranty only covers home use although this scale is meant for primary care offices, so you can tell this company is not reputable. The scale itself works well, just the stadiometer is junk.
(1.00) Daniele 08-Nov-12
Although the seat seems safe, I have to put a town across my daughters abdomen on every car ride because the part of the 5-point harness that clicks into the buckle makes a point that pokes her in the belly and its an uncomfortable ride for her. Every time.
(5.00) Cynthia 20-Mar-12
My daughter is always on her ladybug ride-on. She gets so many smiles and giggles from people we see. It is also very sturdy and I love how it folds up!
(5.00) Frances Middleton 28-Sep-11
Best site out of the 103 sites Ive been on including government and professional sites thank you what a pleasure
(5.00) James Vanderbeek 04-Aug-11
(5.00) Catt Stichter 04-Aug-11
“My 9-week old son slept 7 hours last night. That’s no coincidence... the results don’t lie! Yay Nap Nanny! I’m recommending it to all of my friends.” Catt Stichter
(5.00) KimberlilyVDB 04-Aug-11
napnanny was a lifesaver when Olivia couldn’t sit but wanted to c what was going on and angled her to hold her own bottle2
(5.00) Kimberlily Van Der Beek 04-Aug-11
I could do the dishes while she was in it hanging out with me. + all her friends use it for naps when they are over. THANK U!
(5.00) Edie Hueston 04-Aug-11
Good Afternoon, I am Mam-e to Serephina - the “reason” Coping with Laryngomalacia came to be. I just wanted to drop you all a note and say how wonderful I think you are. I know my daughter Stephanie has been overwhelmed with your generosity. You must all sleep as well at night as the LM babies you have donated Napnannys to- knowing that they - and their weary parents, are able to get a good nights sleep because of your kindness. Thank you very much, Sincerely, Mam-e (aka Edie Hueston)
(5.00) Sandi Ward 04-Aug-11
“Thank you!!!! Our 1 week old daughter would have nothing to do with our bassinet, so I’ve been holding her and sleeping with her. I knew I could not do this for the next 3-4 months until she is ready for her crib. A few friends referred me to the Nap Nanny. I went out and picked up a Chill. And well, we all have been able to Chill!!! Life & sleep saver. A registry MUST!!!!! Thank you!” -Sandi Ward
(5.00) Drew 01-Aug-11
We bought this when we were pregnant with our third child. I wish we would have had it for our first child (she would only sleep in her swing or car seat). It is fantastic and my son loves it. Thank You!!!
(5.00) Sue 30-Jul-11
This tricycle has been wonderful for my 2-year old grandson. I got it for their yearly trip to the U.S. and it was his absolute favorite thing to do. When they went home to Spain, I took it apart and mailed it to them, as he so thoroughly enjoys it and will for the next few years. I highly recommend it!
(5.00) elizabeth illick 26-Jun-11
The best. So much fun and easy to use!
(5.00) Stevez 12-Apr-11
Awesome, on-demand heart rate or continuous in one watch. This is my favorite Mio watch Ive owned definitely worth checking out!
(5.00) diana perez 21-Nov-10
I love dis stroller its good for a 9months old baby nd a 2yrs old iam so happy iam goin to buy it yes,starrloves michael
(5.00) Alice G. 10-Nov-10
The Polar RS100 is unisex and is easy to set up and use; about 20 minutes reading the manual was all it took for me to set everything up and start exercising! It has all the features I needed without any of the extras which add to the price but which I have no use for. The Polar RS100 has a lot of the features which I found to be lacking in the models which are geared towards women such as the target zones and interval timers. I also love that it allows me to manually set my target heart rate which is essential as I get in better shape. The fact that it keeps a running total of my calories burned is extremely helpful and motivating. I am happy with the watch overall and would recommend it to others.
(5.00) jake 08-Nov-10
Epulse has always been a great tool for working out. I have not found any other watch to measure heart rate continuously like the epulse heart rate monitor.
(5.00) Donna 05-Nov-10
I had never owned a heart rate monitor before this one. I was placed on a new diet and exercise plan by my doctor who recommended the Polar FT2 as a good way to start out. This heart rate monitor was easy to set up, easy to use and easy to read during my workout. I would highly recommend Polar.
(5.00) Adrienne 05-Nov-10
The Peg Perego Aria is very lightweight for a double stroller and is super easy to fold and unfold. I love the huge individual sunshades which are perfect for keeping the sun out of my babies eyes on sweltering days but they can also be tucked away when not needed. I love that the sunshades on the Peg Perego Aria each have a little window so that I can see my sons at all times without any real effort. It took me a long time to finally break down and pay so much for a stroller but I am so glad that I did!
(5.00) Carolyn 05-Nov-10
My son went crazy looking for a car seat for his first son. He researched until we couldnt take it anymore! He finally decided on the Britax Chaperone and we are so glad that he did. When my daughter in law went back to work they bought an extra seat for my car. Since using it Ive gotten a chance to see just how sturdy it is and how easy it is to take in and out of the car. I feel 100% safe riding with my grandson in his Britax Chaperone.
(5.00) Leigh 05-Nov-10
Boy was I surprised when I got pregnant only a year after I had my first baby! This second seat kit allowed me to keep using my current Britax (which I love) and saved me the time and money it would have taken to get a double stroller. It is easy to install and is just as easy to remove when I am only taking one child with me. I love my Britax and the second seat kit.
(5.00) John B. 05-Nov-10
my son loves his peg perego choo coo. I bought this for his birthday and the kids were lining up to ride it! several months later George is still excited every time he gets to ride his little peg perego train.
(5.00) Jessica 05-Nov-10
This Peg Perego car seat is amazing. I was in a car accident and my car was wrecked but my baby came out of it with just a few scratches. I am now buying my second Peg Perego car seat. Will only be buying Peg Perego car seats from now on.
(5.00) Ron 23-Oct-10
its great
(5.00) Andy 19-Oct-10
duribale little guys
(5.00) mark 08-Oct-10
These care very compact and can take a beating.
(5.00) NATHANIEL 29-Jul-10
(5.00) dave 09-Jul-10
good scale but i dnk how to calibrate it
(3.00) Lynn 21-Jun-10
In the daytime the camera is great!!! I love the portablity of the hand held & even tho the screen is small its still a good pic. But, the night vision is terrible!!!!! No, it does not see in total darkness, even if you do put the camera w/in 6ft. of the subject!!!! We bought a lamp & have a 25watt bulb in it just so we can use the camera @ night!!!!! Disappointed!!!!
(5.00) Johnny Nemis 16-Jun-10
Operating Procedure
(5.00) Jamie Aube 19-May-10
very good
(5.00) vasi 12-Apr-10
(5.00) B.C. 29-Mar-10
Very nice I hope it proves to be as durable as the manual says it is I will deffinetly let you know one way or the other
(5.00) Sherri Alley 31-Jan-10
I bought this several years ago years for my first grandchild I am now on my third it is extremely sturdy and quite a beautiful piece I get many comments on how wonderful this carriage is and you won t find any others like it would definitely recommend this to others It does makes a statement
(5.00) franky 23-Jan-10
when it was working i only have had for years
(5.00) Jenn 22-Dec-09
Cannot wait to put it in the kitchen for my little chef
(5.00) Jon Malkovich 01-Oct-09
For bucks you can t go wrong It came calibrated of a gram off no big deal I wish I didn t feel like im going to break it when i turn it off but once you get the hang of it it shouldn t be a problem Overall I would recommend this to everyone
(5.00) Jennifer 29-Sep-09
OMG i came across this in a target baby magazine and got online almost immeadiately I found this site and I will be saving ALOT of money compared to buying each piece seperate Plus side i dont have to worry about if i can find something to match its ALL there Thank you so much
(5.00) marissa 27-Sep-09
i love this
(5.00) Amber 22-Sep-09
absoultly love it
(4.00) Isaac 28-Aug-09
This is an excellent HRM for beginners and intermediate gym goers... I recommend this HRM to 90% of my clients. Great, easy to use, and reliable. the only HRM that out performs, is the RS 400! Enjoy
(5.00) Krista Brooks 20-Aug-09
LOVE IT!!! The best car sear ever.
(5.00) stacy harris 04-Aug-09
I couldnt ask for more than I got. I loved the product and the company where i bought it from.
(5.00) jackson d 04-Aug-09
awesome color and convenienet system
(5.00) Natalia 09-Jul-09
Great Travel System!!!!!!!!! Nice colors and very easy to use!!!!!!!!!
(5.00) Grandma Molly 24-Jun-09
The Schoenhut Elite Spinet is excellent. While our grand daughter "plays" it constantly, we can't wait for her to get a little older (she is currently 2 1/2)to learn to play it better and to the music. Regardless, we are very happy with the purchase and relieved that you can still buy quality products that will hold up to vigorous play and will not go out of style or interest any time soon. We personally think this will spur our grand daughter on other musical interests - not a bad thing.
(5.00) nicole mark 18-Jun-09
My kids have been entertained by this for 8 years. It is worth it's weight in gold.
(5.00) Efigenia barro 13-Jun-09
bench pink and white
(5.00) gladyz 07-Jun-09
Its a great item for my baby, a little bit expensive but she love it
(5.00) Alicia 06-Jun-09
I LOVE this set!!! This chair could not be any more comfortable! I also love that it doesn't take up a TON of room in my nursery. You can't go wrong with this glider and ottoman!!
(5.00) Marina 22-May-09
Thise is the best stroller i'm ever sow, i like car seat attaches easily to frame and the stroller seat reverses and transforms from carriage to stroller.
(5.00) Pharmc905 16-May-09
Very nice site!
(5.00) Pharma299 16-May-09
Very nice site!
(5.00) USAF-MIL-BABY CTR 15-May-09
This is a really good monitor. I love it!
(5.00) Lysette 14-May-09
I just love the matching stoller, highchair and play yard combo I can't wit to buy it.
(5.00) Momof2 04-May-09
worked great! The sound and picture was crystal clear!
(5.00) Lynne 30-Apr-09
The chair is sturdy and durable. The assembly consists of putting the cushions in place; which is fairly easy to do. Great chair for the price and shipping was fast.
(5.00) Sheila 14-Apr-09
i ordered this backpack today, and i've only heard good things about it. hopefully it's worth the money!
(5.00) Moriches 21-Mar-09
We bought the turtle for our 5 year old son. My 2 year old daughter loved it so much, so we bought her the ladybug to help the transition from crib to bed. They both use their plush nightlights to soothe themselves to sleep each night. A+++++ product!
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