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Stadiometer - Height Measurement
Health O Meter
Rice Lake
Detecto  (All)
Detecto PHR Portable Mechanical Height Rod for DR400C
DETECTO model PHR stadiometer features a unique flipping head piece that lets you add a DETECTO DR400C digital floor scale at the base to measure weight and height simultaneously. If you use the PHR without a DR400C scale at the base, simply flip the head piece upside down to convert it for accurate height readings only.> more ...
AC Adapter for Detecto VET
AC adapter for Detecto VET-series veterinary scales> more ...
Detecto DHRWM Standalone Wall Mount Digital Height Rod
Detecto's exclusive digital height technology allows you to receive height readings quickly, accurately, and comfortably. Measure up to 6'7" / 200 cm with automatic height viewing on the remote display, positioned where you need it with Detecto's wall-mount or desktop bracket.> more ...
Detecto SONARIS Touchless Sonar Stadiometer 0 to 9ft
Whether the patient is a tiny child or a giant adult, SONARIS will measure their height, regardless of size, covering a greater height range than any conventional height measuring instruments.> more ...
Doran  (All)
Doran Mechanical Plastic Height Rod Stadiometer 28 to 82 inch
Accuracy and ease of use is a hallmark of Doran's medical scale line, and the mechanical height rod is no exception. Simply slide the height measurement arm into position. The patient's height is shown in a large window just below the measurement arm.> more ...
Health O Meter  (All)
Health-O-Meter 402KLROD Height Rod for Model No 400KL/ 402KL/ 402LB/ 450KL/ 450KLWH Scales
Health O Meter 402KLROD Professional Accessories Height Rod for Model No 400KL/ 402KL/ 402LB/ 450KL/ 450KLWH Scales.> more ...
Health-O-Meter 221HR Portable Stadiometer With Carrying Case
FREE Ground Shipping *
This TAA Compliant stadiometer, designed to meet the needs of doctor’s offices, schools, home health and traveling clinicians, features an easy to assemble / disassemble structure and a large sturdy anti-slip base.> more ...
HealthOMeter PORTROD Wall mounted height rod
FREE Ground Shipping *
The Health o meter PORTROD Portable Wall-Mountable Height-Rod is both light-weight and portable. It can easily be mounted on a wall with included mounting kit and bubble-level indicator. 1 year warranty.> more ...
Health-O-Meter 205HR High-Strength Wall-Mounted Height Rod
FREE Ground Shipping *
Health-O-Meter 205HR High-Strength Wall-Mounted Height Rod> more ...
Health-O-Meter 201HR Wall-Mounted Telescopic Metal Height Rod
FREE Ground Shipping *
Wall-Mounted Telescopic Metal Height Rod> more ...
HealthOMeter eBABYHR Digital Baby Height Rod
FREE Ground Shipping *
HealthOMeter eBABYHR Digital Baby Height Rod> more ...
Health-O-Meter 3001HR Height Rod For 3001KL-AM, 3001KG-AM, 3001KG-AMUA, 3001KL-AMUA
FREE Ground Shipping *
Health-O-Meter 3001HR Height Rod For 3001KL-AM, 3001KG-AM, 3001KG-AMUA, 3001KL-AMUA Height Rod: Range: 23 5/8" - 84"/60cm - 213cm> more ...
Rice Lake  (All)
Rice Lake RL-WMS-10 Wall Mount Stadiometer
Rice Lake RL-WMS-10 Wall Mount Stadiometer> more ...
Seca  (All)
Seca 213 Stadiometer
The stadiometer seca 213 is especially suitable for mobile use, e.g. for measuring children and teenagers in the course of medical examinations in schools, for use by carers and health workers on the move.> more ...
Seca 210 Mobile Babies Measuring Mat - CM
Kind to the skin, washable and foldable: the light weight, space-saving solution for easy, precise measurement of the length of babies and toddlers while lying down.> more ...
Seca 216 Stadiometer
From its built-in leveling bubble to its functional design, Accu-Hite has long been the stadiometer of choice. The headpiece comes with a lock knob for measurement accuracy and safety> more ...
Seca 220 Telescopic Height Rod 22001814003
The classic telescopic Seca height rod is a favorite. The headpiece is secured on both sides of the height rod for accuracy and folds down for a greater degree of safety.> more ...
Seca 217 Stadiometer
The mobile stadiometer seca 217 is distinguished by its especially top-quality materials and a cleverly designed assembly system. The stability of this stadiometer is unmatched. It is particularly suited for use in doctors’ practices and hospitals and is easily carried to schools for medical examinations and to patients’ homes.> more ...
Seca 223 Telescopic Measuring Rod for Handrail Scales
This easy-to-fit measuring rod (fittings included) converts the handrail scale seca 645/ 644 into a real all-round talent. The determined height can be entered directly into the control unit of the seca 645/ 644 so that all relevant data is captured and used to determine the BMI.> more ...
Seca 2571714009 Digital Ultrasonic Measuring Rod for 554 & 654
The Seca Digital Ultrasonic Measuring Rod, 2571714009 for model 654 scale-up or model 554 mBCA transforms the scale into a full measuring station with the ultrasonic height measurement. Three unique pairs of sensors transmit and receive ultrasonic signals separately and thereby ensure the most precise measurement results.> more ...
Seca 264 Wireless 360 Wall Mounted Stadiometer, 11inch – 7 ft 2 inch
FREE Ground Shipping *
seca added value: A wireless stadiometer that can send its measurements to a PC? There is such a thing – from seca of course: the digital stadiometer seca 274 (free-standing) and seca 264 (for wall mounting). Both transmit the measured height with the help of the newest seca 360° wireless technology to your PC, where the data are analysed by the software seca analytics 105. From there they can also be transmitted to an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system.> more ...
Seca 274 Wireless 360 Free Standing Stadiometer, 11inch – 7 ft 2 inch
FREE Ground Shipping *
If you are looking for a wireless solution for taking height measurements, you cannot go wrong with the free-standing digital stadiometer seca 274. Its individual parts of high-quality aluminum can be easily assembled and tightly screwed together and its measurement range from 30 cm to 220 cm can be used for small children to adults.> more ...
Seca 286 DP Wireless Ultrasonic Measuring Station for Height and Weight - 660 lb x 0.1 lb
FREE Ground Shipping *
The ultrasonic measuring station seca 286 dp transmits fully automated height and weight measurements to your existing printer. Thanks to the advanced 360° wireless technology and software module seca directprint, your patient receives a personalized printout outlining their nutritional condition based on their BMI.> more ...
Tanita  (All)
Tanita HR-200 Wall-Mounted Height Rod
FREE Ground Shipping *
The HR200?s innovative modular design allows for years of serviceability, should it ever be required. Plus the retractable design and folding headpiece stores in a compact footprint when not in use.> more ...
Tanita HR-200 Wall-Mounted Height Rod
FREE Ground Shipping *
Tanita has long been the professional's choice for medical height measurements, due to our long-trusted accuracy and reliability.> more ...
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