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Withings 70009501 - WS-30 wireless scale 396 x 0.2 lb Withings smart and connected objects
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Your Wireless Scale stands ready for you to step on. It secretly calibrates while you’re away so that it accurately and immediately displays your weight as soon as you step on. more ...
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Withings 70009501 - WS-30 wireless scale 396 x 0.2 lb
Withings 70009501 - WS-30 wireless scale 396 x 0.2 lb
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SKU: 70009501
UPC: 3700546700095


Your weight and BMI in a breeze.

Just step on it
Your Wireless Scale stands ready for you to step on. It secretly calibrates while you’re away so that it accurately and immediately displays your weight as soon as you step on.

Know more than your weight
Measure more than your weight and understand where you stand with the Body Mass Index (BMI) measurement provided by Wireless Scale.

A scale you can trust
Wireless Scale comes with Withings Position Control™ technology, which helps properly position your body for high-accuracy weighing. On-screen visual feedback is provided so that your position is balanced and comparable at each weighing.

An app that tracks trends and takes care of you.

Visualize your weight trends
Don’t bother tracking down your weight, Wireless Scale does it for you. Each new reading is automatically added to your personal weight chart and available on the go, on your smartphone or tablet.

Set goals
Set customs weight goals and motivate yourself to reach your desired weight. Each week, the health Companion app helps you reach a realistic objective. Week after week, progress adds up and get you to your healthy weight.

Focus on what works for you
Understand how your body weight relates to your lifestyle thanks to your historical weight chart. The more you weigh, the more you get to know about your body and how to remain healthy.

Automatic, Hassle-free upload in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Easy set up
Thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity, Wireless Scale is super easy to set up, within just a few minutes on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Your Wi-Fi network configuration is shared with the scale in just one tap from the Withings app.

Automatic Upload
After each weighing, Wireless Scale automatically uploads and syncs your weight data using its wireless connectivity. New measures immediately appear in your personal weight and BMI charts.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
Wireless Scale embeds both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity so that it never fails to upload your weight data. Enjoy the large range connectivity of Wi-Fi to weigh from any room in your home along the convenience of Bluetooth™ for on-the-go usage.

One scale for the whole family.

Automatic recognition
As Wireless Scale gets to know your weight, it automatically recognizes who steps on to ensure a seamless weighing even if different family member use it.

Customs privacy settings
You can decide to share your weight readings or choose to keep them private so that only you can see them. Choose to publish easily to Facebook and Twitter to keep yourself motivated and receive support from your friends.

Family account
Wireless Scale is designed to be used by the whole family. You can easily create a user profile for each of you, from one single family account and email address.

Works with your favorite apps.
60+ compatible apps to make the most of your weight data.

Lose It!

LoseIt! is an app that let you set goals and establish a daily calorie budget for you to meet. Stay on track each day by recording your food and exercise within your budget. The average active Lose It! user loose over 12lbs and more than 85% of active users have lost weight.

Lose It! is a Wireless Scale compatible app and can automatically import weight readings from your Wireless Scale.

Free account at

Keep your health data forever
Your Wireless Scale comes with a free Withings account for your weight data to be stored privately and securely. Your Withings account is forever free and the number of measures you and your family can store is unlimited

Available across all devices
Thanks to your Withings account, your weight data are in the cloud and accessible from anywhere and on any of your devices. Sign in securely from any smartphone, tablet, or computer to access your account’s health data on the go.

Own your weight data
We store your weight data to provide a service we hope you will enjoy and that will help you better manage your weight. You remain the owner of your data and can anytime download all your weight data from our service or close your Withings account.

PC Free, from your iOS device

Weight: 12.00 lb


The Withings Wireless Scale WS-30

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