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Lange Fat Calipers Lange Skinfold Calipers
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The world's best selling professional fat caliper on the market. Lange, trusted by fitness professionals and healthcare providers worldwide for accurate results. Comes with hard-shell carrying case more ...
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Lange Fat Calipers
Lange Fat Calipers
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UPC: 045625041212


The worlds best selling professional body fat caliper..

Lange fat calipers are the simplest, most direct and accurate method for estimating body fat percentage. This constant tension fat caliper measures the thickness of skinfolds, allowing one to quickly and accurately measure body fat. Lange fat calipers are trusted by fitness centers, personal trainers and healthcare providers worldwide.

  • Accurate to +/- one milimiter
  • Tips pivot automatically for parallel measurement
  • Easy to read scale measures skinfolds up to 60 milimeters
  • Low friction bearings on all critical pivot points
  • Spring loaded levers provide a constant standard preassure of 10 grams per square milimeter.
  • Lange calipers come with an attractive hard shell carrying case, plus an instruction book.
  • One year warranty on defective parts

Weight: 3.00 lb

* within the 48 continental US States

Optional Accessories

Lange C-140 Speed Rule
more info
Lange C-140 Speed Rule
more info
Price: $19.95
In Stock
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Convenient slide rule for quick computation of bodyfat from skinfold measurements. 3 Site Jackson-Pollock for athletic adults.
Lange Calibration Block
more info
Lange Calibration Block
more info
Price: $24.95
In Stock
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Calibration Block for the Lange fat caliper
Body Tracker SOFTWARE Body Tracker 6.4 Exercise Software
more info
Body Tracker SOFTWARE Body Tracker 6.4 Exercise Software

Lose fat and get the body you always wanted. Calculate and track your body fat % and much more. Body Tracker can calculate, store, and display results for an unlimited number of users. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and free shipping!

  • Quickly and easily calculate your body fat percentage with a fat caliper, using Jackson and Pollock 3, 4, or 7-site method, Parillo method, or Durnim/Womersley method
  • Also works with a tape measure, using the standard Naval Health Research Center method
  • Can also be used with body fat scales
  • Includes images and video so you will know how to take your caliper or tape measurements
  • Record your body tape measurements as you lose inches of body fat
  • Costs $24.95 and has a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Display pictures of yourself with your corresponding body measurements as you lose body fat so you can easily see your progress
  • Calculate your BMI and BMR
  • Record your blood pressure to maintain a healthy lifestyle

Body Tracker Benefits

Calculate Your Body Fat Percentage

When it comes to quickly and easily calculating your body fat percentage, nothing beats Body Tracker. Users are guided step-by-step through the entire process. Body fat calculations can be taken in record time - with no training.

Record Your Tape Measurements

Use the tape measurements screen to record your tape measurements for different body parts. You can record in inches or in centimeters. In addition, your last recorded measurement is displayed on the screen so you can immediately see your progress. In combination with body fat percentage, tape measurements will help you track your progress as your body composition changes.

Calculate Your BMI and BMR

Use Body Tracker to calculate your body mass index (BMI) and basal metabolic rate (BMR).

What is BMI?

Enter your height and weight, and Body Tracker will calculate your body mass index (BMI). Use the chart to determine if you are underweight, normal, overweight, or obese.

BMI only takes a person's height and weight into consideration, but not body fat percentage. Two people with the same height and weight will have the same BMI, even though one of them might have a much higher body fat percentage. BMI is only one measure of a person's overall health.

What is BMR?

Enter your height, weight, and age, and Body Tracker will calculate your basal metabolic rate (BMR) based on the Harris-Benedict equation. Your BMR is the number of calories your body burns per day at rest. Select an activity level and Body Tracker will calculate how many calories your body burns per day based on your activity level.

Record your Blood Pressure

In Body Tracker, you can also keep track of your blood pressure (systolic and diastolic measurements) and your pulse rate. Use the chart to determine if your blood pressure is normal or high. In addition, you can record any notes you have regarding your measurements.

Graph Your Results

Body Tracker allows you to graph your progress for body fat percentage, tape measurements, and BMI. Body Tracker can display six different types of graphs, and you can customize the graphs to show only the measurements you want to see. In addition, all graphs can be printed.

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