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 Polar Sensors & Interfaces

Transmitter Belts & Straps


Data Transfer

Miscellaneous Accessories

Transmitters & Accessories

Polar T-31 Standard Transmitter and Belt Set
Price: $39.95

The Polar Transmitter is the most advanced unit on the market today. The transmitter is truly the heart of the heart rate monitor.
The Polar Transmitter utilizes a one-piece design that encases all of the electrical components inside the unit.

Polar T-31 Coded Transmitter and Belt Set
Price: $45.95

At the heart of your training is the coded T31. Its purpose is simple: to transmit your heart rate to your wrist unit. Slim and light, the ECG (electrocardiogram) accurate transmitter is fully water resistant and designed for all weather conditions

Polar 92066147 OH1 Optical Heart Rate Sensor - Black Polar OH1 Optical Heart Rate Sensor
Price: $79.95
Free Shipping

Providing versatility, comfort and simplicity, the Polar OH1 is an optical heart rate sensor worn on the arm. Whether running, riding, or rocking a workout at the gym, this heart rate monitor armband accurately and consistently captures heart rate using Polar’s proprietary heart rate algorithm and 6-LED solution
	Polar 92070322 OH1 Optical Heart Rate Sensor - Orange
Polar 92070323 OH1 Optical Heart Rate Sensor - Grey
Polar 92039126, WearLink®+ Transmitter Nike+ (Strap Size M-XXL)
Price: $69.95
Free Shipping

Polar, the market leader and pioneer in heart rate training technology, has introduced the Polar WearLink®+ that works with Nike+. The Polar WearLink+ transmitter Nike+ is a dual-frequency fabric transmitter that provides heart rate to the Nike+ system, most Polar training computers and most cardio equipment.This new product works with the Nike+ SportBand and the Nike+ iPod Sport Kit, enabling users to run and train with heart rate monitoring for the first time.

Size: (M-XXL)
Polar 82017735.01 T-31 Elastic Replacement Strap
Price: $9.95
Free Shipping

If you need a new elastic strap for your Polar wireless transmitter, ours are available in various sizes, are easy to put together, and are comfortable to wear.

Polar WearLink+ Bluetooth Coded Heart Rate Transmitter Set
Price: $79.95
Free Shipping

The Polar WearLink+ transmitter with Bluetooth wireless technology picks up your heart?s signals and transfers that data into a compatible mobile training application. The soft fabric chest strap seamlessly adapts to your body shape, bringing full freedom of movement to your training. With its hook mechanism, the transmitter is just as quick to put on as it is to take off.

Polar 91032321 GPS Strap Set
Price: $16.95

The elastic strap for your Polar GPS sensor is easy to attach and comfortable to wear.
New Soft strap for Polar Wireless Transmitter - (M-XXL)
Price: $19.95
Free Shipping

The Polar Soft strap is the most comfortable chest strap for heart rate measurement. The smart fusion of soft fabrics and adaptive electrodes make it extremely sensitive to your heart?s electrical signals, so the heart rate sensor can pick up your heart rate quicker and more accurately.

Size: (XS-S)


Polar S-3 Stride Sensor
Price: $139.95
Free Shipping

Polar S3 Stride Sensor for the RS800/SD heart rate monitors. Polar S3 Stride Sensor W.I.N.D. features nano technology for highly consistent and accurate speed and distance measurement. It is water resistant, comes with a user replaceable battery and is compatible with Adidas adiStar Fusion running shoe.
Polar 91039781, G5 GPS SENSOR
Price: $134.00
Free Shipping

The extremely small G5 GPS sensor provides accurate speed and distance measurement for a range of outdoor sport. It is light and easy to wear in the armband pocket. After training you can see your route on a map at .
Polar G1 GPS Sensor for the FT60 AND FT 80
Price: $139.95
Free Shipping

The Polar G1 sensor determines your location by measuring continuously the distance between itself and at least four satellites. The sensor uses wireless transmission technology to transmit speed and distance data to a compatible Polar product which records and displays the data

Polar G3 GPS Sensor for RS800
Price: $139.95
Free Shipping

The Polar G-3 sensor makes the Polar RS800 the most comprehensive planning and analysis tool for athletes who train across multiple disciplines. Incorporating the SIRF-III GPS chipset, the sensor provides excellent coverage, fast time to first fix and optimal power consumption. A single AA battery provides up to 20 hours continual use. Weighing only 80grams (inc. battery) and water resistant to 3 bar, g3 is extremely compact and built to withstand the harshest conditions of even the most extreme adventure sports
Polar S-1 Foot Pod Speed & Distance Sensor
Price: $129.95
Free Shipping

Polar S1 Foot Pod for S625x or RS200/SD heart rate monitors. The Polar S1 foot pod running speed sensor provides very accurate speed and distance readings even without calibration. Accurate in all weather conditions. Water resistant up to 2 meters. Easy one button activation. Stable and comfortable to wear.

Data Transfer

Polar 91029347 IrDA USB Adapter
Price: $59.95
Free Shipping

Once you?ve completed your training, you?re ready to view the results using the Polar ProTrainer 5 software. The IrDA USB Adapter provides that link by enabling a two-way infrared data communication between your Polar product and PC.

Miscellaneous Accessories

Polar 91026028 Universal Bike Mount
Price: $12.95

Your Polar wrist unit is so versatile that you can either wear it on your wrist, or using the Universal Bike Mount, attach it to your bike?s handlebar to easily view your training data whilst riding.

Polar 91028692 CS-Series Twist Lock Bike Mount
Price: $8.95

Wherever you ride your Polar cycling computer follows. With the Polar Bike Mount, it?s always there, giving you an optimal view of your cycling data.
Polar 91041573 GPS Armband Set - G5
Price: $34.95

The elastic armband for your Polar G5 GPS sensor is easy to attach and comfortable to wear. The sensor slips into the pocket and keeps up with your training in any outdoor sport.
Polar 91033720 - CS400/CS500/CS600 Battery Kit
Price: $6.95

It couldnt be easier to change the battery in your Polar product. This set includes a CR2354 battery and sealing ring for easy and quick replacement.

Polar 91045426, GPS Clip for G5
Price: $11.95
Free Shipping

The extremely small and light clip for your Polar G5 GPS sensor is effortless to attach and easy to wear. The sensor snaps into clip, and keeps up with your training in any outdoor sport. Its convenient clip attachment allows you to start training in an instant.

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