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BabySafe Babysense V Infant Movement Monitor BabySafe - Baby Products That Make Sense
The simplest and most reliable monitor available the BabySafe Babysense V is comprised of two very sensitive sensor pads which are placed under the baby s mattress and a high speed microprocessor control unit more ...
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BabySafe Babysense V Infant Movement Monitor
BabySafe Babysense V Infant Movement Monitor
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Used in homes, day care centers and hospitals worldwide for over 10 years!

  • Alerts you if your babys movement stops
  • Suitable for infants to age one
  • Provides double the coverage: two sensors monitor the entire crib
  • Needs no direct contact with your baby
  • Safe operation with AA household batteries
  • Is compact, portable and easy to use
  • A must for any parent, grandparent or day-care provider
  • The simplest, most reliable movement monitor available
  • Alerts you with an alarm if infants movement stops or is irregularly slow
  • Suitable for all infants from birth to one year of age
  • Operates on regular AA household batteries so there are no dangerous power cords for the baby to find.
  • Even the slightest body motions are registered as movement.
  • Inexpensive peace of mind!

Invented in 1991 and popular worldwide for years, the Babysense™ V baby motion detection monitor is finally available in the U.S.

The simplest and most reliable monitor available, the BabySafe Babysense™ V is comprised of two very sensitive sensor pads which are placed under the babys mattress, and a high speed microprocessor control unit. The control unit alerts you with a loud alarm if it does not detect any movement for 20 seconds or if it detects less then 10 micro-movements per minute. Even the slightest body motions are registered as movement.

Why Babysense V?

Of course, parents want to watch over their precious newborns, every single movement. But even Super Mom or Dad need sleep. Thats where Babysense V comes in -- a new way to help give you that needed peace of mind, and much-needed sleep.

Easy to use and engineered for the way a baby moves

The Babysense V monitor detects your little ones movements, even the barely perceptable changes an infants body makes during sleep. Its uniquely sensitive sensor pads, tucked under babys mattress, constantly register even the babys slightest motion. A high-speed microprocessor control unit captures the motion patterns.

With babys every move, it flashes a green light, seen clearly from a distance. That reassuring green blink is your sign that your baby is moving, just as an infant should.

If theres a change, Babysense V sounds the Alarm

If theres no movement for 20 seconds, or if Babysense V detects less than 10 micro-movements per minute, it immediately sounds an alarm and activates a flashing red light. Thats your cue to check on the sleeping baby right away. Naturally, Babysense V cant replace a parent or caretaker, it can only alert you to a problem, giving you critical time to intervene.

Safe, proven technology, used around the world

Parents in Europe and Australia have been using this technology for over a decade. Its a simple, battery-operated system that doesnt connect to an electrical outlet. There are no wires connected to the baby. In fact, Babysense V has no direct contact with the baby: its sensor pads are connected to a small control unit. When the battery needs replacement -- approximately every six months -- you see a low battery indicator light. 

More ways to keep your baby safe

  • No monitor can substitute for these essential safety guidelines.
  • Make sure your baby sleeps on his or her back
  • Never overheat the babys room
  • Never smoke around your baby
  • Use firm bedding
  • Dont put anything with your baby that could cause suffocation


  • 2 sensor panels, ABS plastic, 268 x 438 mm
  • Control unit, ABS plastic exterior, 113 x 157 x 35 mm
  • Power: 4 standard 1.5 V batteries (not included)

Weight: 12.00 lb

* within the 48 continental US States

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