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Bathroom Scales - Scales
Health O Meter
Detecto  (All)
Detecto Personal Floor Scale
From: $99.00
The precision movement of this sturdy low-profile scale with circular display guarantees exact results and the design with a lot of white and chrome gives the scale a fresh, timeless look. The powder-coated steel casing is built to last a lifetime. The spacious tread area on the 10.6” W x 10.6” D (269 mm W x 269 mm D) weighing platform is covered in easy-to-clean, black synthetic material for fast wipe-downs. The modern, elegant scale design makes a positive impression in any room. more ...
DigiWeigh  (All)
DigiWeigh DW-66 Digital Glass Bathroom Scale, 330 x 0.2 lb
The DigiWeigh bathroom scale has a large 330 pound capacity with 0.2 pound readability - switchable between pounds and kilograms. This scale is stylish enough to fit any decor, with it's glass platform and silver accents> more ...
Health O Meter  (All)
Health O Meter Mechanical Floor Scales
From: $80.00
Extra large display with 6-1/2 inch dial, 400 lb capacity with 1 lb readability. Medical scale quality at home use prices! more ...
Health O Meter Digital Home Floor Scales
From: $65.00
HealthOMeter 822KLS Professional Home Care Digital Scale,400 x 0.1 lb more ...
LifeSource  (All)
LifeSource UC-321 Body Weight Scale, 350 x 0.1 lb
A&D Medical ushers in a new wave of personal scales to the market. The LifeSource Precision Scale is a sleek stylish unit that offers more precise readings and functionality than those offered from traditional scales. 350 lb capacity & 0.1 lb readability> more ...
LifeSource UC-352BLE Deluxe Digital Connected Body Weight Scale, 450 x 0.2 lb
FREE Ground Shipping *
Step on this clean, modern scale, and have the results instantly transmitted to your A&D Connect app. It's that simple. There's no need to turn it on or remember to turn it off. The Deluxe Connected Weight Scale has an industry leading capacity of 450 pounds that's precise within 0.2 pounds, an easy-to-read LCD display, and a long battery life> more ...
LifeSource UC-252 Classic Digital Weight Scale, 397 x 0.2 lb
he UC-252 Classic Weight Scale is an affordable scale that is accurate and easy to use. The scale performs weight measurement in lbs or kilograms and is divisible by up to 0.2lbs. It also features step on technology to enable users to simply step on the scale to begin a measurement. This no button operation makes it easy to use for a wide range of users> more ...
Seca  (All)
Seca Mechanical Bathroom Scales
FREE Ground Shipping *
From: $216.99
The precise design classic has a large clear and well-defined dial, with a large low-level, non-slip platform and scratch-resistant finish it is easy for the user to step on and weigh. more ...
Seca 803 Digital Scale, White, 330 x 0.2 lbs
FREE Ground Shipping *
Seca 803 digital bathroom scales have a large 330 pound capacity plus an auto hold and auto off function. For stylish precision and years of accurate use, choose Seca scales. In Black or White> more ...
Seca 815 Elegantia Digital Floor Scale with Raised Display, 396 x 0.2 lb
The Seca 815 digital scale is something very special. It has a large attractive display which leans towards the viewer as if balanced on a wave. But that‘s not all. An extra-deep platform accommodates even big feet with ease, even if those feet carry up to 400 pounds.> more ...
Seca 807 Aura Digital Glass Floor Scale, 330 x 0.2 lb
FREE Ground Shipping *
The Seca 807 Aura digital scale not only looks a bit like a picture frame, it also looks like it should be in one. This attractive scale has an extremely fl at platform, a high-quality glass surface and four load cells made of brushed stainless steel> more ...
Seca 817 Marina Digital Floor Scale with Grooved Glass Plate Platform, 400 x 0.2 lb
Take a look at this low, elegant pedestal, a thin, flat scale. Flat– and yet not flat, this scale is made especially safe by the fine grooves on the safety glass plate and high scratch resistance provided by ABS plastic. Large 400 pound capacity> more ...
Seca 760 Dial Bathroom Scale, Blue, 320 x 1 lb
FREE Ground Shipping *
The Seca 760 mechanical dial bathroom scales have a rugged metal construction for years of precise use. Features a color coordinated grooved rubber mat to avoid slipping. 320 lb capacity with 1 lb readability> more ...
Seca 760 Dial Bathroom Scale, Red, 320 x 1 lb
FREE Ground Shipping *
The Seca 760 mechanical dial bathroom scales have a rugged metal construction for years of precise use. Features a color coordinated grooved rubber mat to avoid slipping. 320 lb capacity with 1 lb readability> more ...
Seca 760 Dial Bathroom Scale, White, 320 x 1 lb
FREE Ground Shipping *
The Seca 760 mechanical dial bathroom scales have a rugged metal construction for years of precise use. Features a color coordinated grooved rubber mat to avoid slipping. 320 lb capacity with 1 lb readability> more ...
Tanita  (All)
Tanita HD-351 Large Capacity Bathroom Scale, 440 lb x 0.2 lb
FREE Ground Shipping *
Extra large 440 pound capacity. Upscale design with expansive platform. 2-line display shows both current and previous weight for up to 5 people> more ...
Tanita BC-533 InnerScan Body Composition Monitor
FREE Ground Shipping *
Full featured family model body composition monitor - measures body fat, body water, muscle mass, visceral fat, Physique Rating and more. With Adult, Athlete and Child modes -- measures body fat in 0.1% increments. 330 lb capacity / 0.2 lb readability> more ...
Tanita HD-351 High Capacity Digital Bathroom Scale
The new HD-351 Tanita Digital Scale has an extra-large 2.0", 2-line display that shows the current and previous weight reading for up to five users. 440 lb capacity with 0.2 lb readability and an extra large, stable platform.> more ...
Withings  (All)
Withings WiFi connected body scales
FREE Ground Shipping *
From: $159.95
Monitor your body weight and composition like never before with the Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale, the original Internet-connected bathroom scale. This scale uses a Wi-Fi connection to sync your weight, BMI, and body fat readings with your personal health dashboard, available as an iOS and Android app, as well as a web app accessible from any web browser. Visualize your weight trends, track your progress, and motivate yourself to maintain a healthy weight. more ...
Withings 70009501 - WS-30 wireless scale 396 x 0.2 lb
FREE Ground Shipping *
Your Wireless Scale stands ready for you to step on. It secretly calibrates while you’re away so that it accurately and immediately displays your weight as soon as you step on.> more ...
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