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Burley Conversion Kits & Accessories Burley Bicycle Trailers
Trailer Image DíLite Cub Solo Encore Honey Bee Bee
Stroller Kit compatible
Go from biking to strolling with the flip of a wheel.

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Jogger Kit compatible
Switch freely between towing and jogging

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Baby Snuggler compatible
Recommended for babies 3-12 months, the Baby Snuggler is made for strolling and jogging. Itís machine washable, features a lumbar support pad for your infantís back, and has thick, side padding for comfort and support.

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Handle Bar Console compatible
Store water bottles, snacks, keys and more in our Handlebar Console. Fits all stroller and jogger-compatible child trailers.

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Storage cover
Fits all Burley child and pet trailers.

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Suspension Kit
Burley 960032 Suspension Kit Set, Soft

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Burley Alternate Hitch

Burley Trailer Storage Cover
Model 4015410
Price: $75

Shipping Wt: 8 lbs

Keep your trailer nice and neat when not in use. Fits all Burley Child and Pet Trailers   Handcrafted in Eugene, Oregon
Burley Baby Snuggler

Burley Alternate Hitch

Burley Baby Snuggler
Model 960020
Price: $75.00


Shipping Wt: 10 lbs

Soft and Snuggly. Jog and stroll with your infant cradled in a Burley Baby Snuggler.ô Securely holds and adjusts to fit infants 3Ė12 months of age.

  • Weight: 15-21 lbs (7-10 kg), Height: 25-30" (63-76 cm)
  • Machine washable
  • Thick side padding for comfort and support
  • Lumbar support pad for the infantís back
  • All materials are phthalate-free

Compatible with all 2009 Burley Child Trailers and most Burley models built after 2003

Burley Critter Compartment for Tail Wagon and Rover

Burley Alternate Hitch

Burley Alternate Hitch

Burley Critter Compartment
Model 960022
Price: $35

Shipping Wt: 10 lbs

Custom-designed to divide Burley pet transports and create cargo space, give two animals their own area, or make a more secure compartment for small pets to feel comfortable. Attaches to the top of the transport frame and clips to the d-rings inside. The top section is made of flow-thru mesh. Sturdy, durable, and washable.

Fits 2008-2010 Tail Wagon and Rover

Burley 960023 Kickstand, Pet trailer
Burley 960023 Kickstand, Pet trailer

Burley 960023 Kickstand, Pet trailer
Price: $25.00


Shipping Wt: 6.00 lbs

The kickstand helps stabilize your pet trailer for loading and unloading your furry friends.


Burley Cargo Rack for Nomad Cargo Trailers

Optional Burley Nomad Cargo Rack

Burley Cargo Rack for Nomad Cargo Trailers
Model 4329601
Price: $85

Shipping Wt: 8 lbs

Setting out on a new adventure and you've already filled your Nomad?  Go ahead and take it all by adding a new Burley Cargo Rack.  Sturdy aluminum rack fits on top of your Nomad.  Handcrafted in Eugene, Oregon.


Burley We! Ski Kit

Burley We! Ski Kit

Burley We! Ski Kit
Model: 960097
Price: $275

Shipping Wt: 15 lbs

Don't store your Burley this winter! The Burley We! Ski Kit gets you, your kids or dog, and your Burley bike trailer out into the snow to enjoy all varieties of winter wonders. The We! Ski Kit installs easily, setting your Burley convertible bicycle trailer on skis for total mobility in wintry weather.

Designed for use by cross-country skiers, skate skiers, and snow shoe enthusiasts, the Burley We! Ski Kit transforms your Burley bike trailer into a safe and fun way to share the exhilaration of winter-time adventuring with your family. Your kids or pet can snuggle up inside the Burley and enjoy the rush while you get fresh air and exercise all winter long.

The non-wax skis of the Burley We! Ski Kit are custom made of Alpina wood and attach with a quick-release system to the wheel axle. The tow bars attach to the trailer's side mounts and lead to the padded hip harness. This harness adjusts to accommodate most adults and comes equipped with a water bottle holder, key and phone pocket, and an adjustment for the tow bar to give you the proper fit and feel.

  • The We Ski kit keeps your children warm and dry while you enjoy being out in the snow
  • Custom skis attach quickly
  • Non-wax, wood core skis maneuver easily over the snow
  • Waist harness is adjustable for comfort and for multiple users
  • Waist harness has water bottle holder and small pockets for convenience
  • Poles extend to multiple positions for ease of towing
  • Leave the Burley wheels attached, use the poles and waist harness to pull while hiking
  • Custom wood-core, non-wax skis from Alpina
  • Adjustable, lightweight aluminum tow bars
  • Padded adjustable waist harness with two pockets for keys or cell phone
  • Harness pad is washable, outer materials made of 100% polyester
  • Skis: 110 cm
  • Waist Belt Size: 24.5" to 51.5"
    62 cm to 130 cm
  • Tow Bars Extend: 79," 83" and 87"
    200 cm, 211 cm and 220 cm
  • Tow Bars Retracts to: 55", 140 cm

Compatible With

  • 2007 and newer DíLite, DíLite ST, Solo, Solo ST, Encore
  • 2008 and newer Cub and Tail Wagon
  • 2009 and newer Nomad and Flatbed
Burley Stroller Kit
Burley Cub baby trailer folded

Burley Stroller Kit
Model: 960026
Price: $65

Shipping Wt: 10 lbs

Bike to strollÖand stroll to bike with a simple flip of a wheel. The Stroller Kit allows you to lock up your bike and stroll away...through the park or around the market and back.

  • Stroller wheel stays attached and folds up out of the way when cycling
  • Tool-free adjustment makes switching from bike to stroll mode simple
  • Adjustable tracking makes for consistent, easy rolling
  • Burley's easy-glide tow bar retracts closer to the trailer for easy maneuverability
  • Stroller wheel pushes easily; can also be used for jogging
  • Parking brake and wrist tether for added security
  • Stroller wheel attachment
  • Wrist tether
Compatible With:
  • d'lite ST
  • Solo ST
  • 08 LE Tiger d'lite
  • d'lite
  • 07 Lady Bug
  • Encore
  • Solo
  • Cub
  • 08 Tail Wagon and Rover
  • Honey Bee


Burley Jogger Stroller Kit
Burley 2007 Jogger Stroller Kit

Burley Jogger Kit
Price: $140



Shipping Wt: 10 lbs

The perfect way to get more out of your Burley, the Jogger Kit converts a trailer to a jogger with a complete hand brake. This kit makes it easy for families to keep fit on the run.

  • 16" wheel rolls easily for jogging
  • Hand brake, parking brake and wrist tether for added security
  • Hand brake
  • 16" alloy wheel
  • Wrist tether

Compatible With: d'lite ST, Solo ST, 08 LE Tiger d'lite, Lady Bug 07, d'lite, Encore, Solo


Burley Tailwind Rack
Burley Tailwind Rack, Black

Burley Tailwind Rack (For Kazoo and Piccolo)
Price: $65.00


Shipping Wt: 8 lbs

A heavy-duty aluminum rear rack made for towing Burley trailercycles. Also functions as a touring-quality cargo rack. Can be used with pannier bags while towing trailercycle.


Burley 960083 Duffel Bag
Burley 960083 Duffel Bag

Burley 960083 Duffel Bag
Price: $99.00


Shipping Wt: 5.00 lbs

There's room for all your stuff in one full-length bag. Secure it onto the Travoy with the four built-in attachment clips. Or haul it around using the stow-away backpack straps or any of the four sturdy carrying handles.


Burley Standard & Alternative Hitches
Burley 2009 Moose Rack

Burley Standard & Alternative Hitches
Price: $40



Shipping Wt: 8 lbs

The super-rigid Moose Rack™(supplied with each Burley Piccolo). This rack can be added to additional bikes to use with your Piccolo, or you could put it on any bike that you needed a strong, rigid rack.


Burley 960001 Additional Classic Hitch
Price: $29.00

Burley Steel Hitch to Connect your Burley Trailer to your bicycle
Price: $25.00

Burley Trailer Hitch for Travoy
Price: $26.00

Burley - Hitch Alt Adapter (3/8 x 26)
Price: $10.00

Burley - Hitch Alt Adapter (M10 x 1.0)
Price: $20.00

Burley - Hitch Alt Adapter (M10.5 x 1.0)
Price: $10.00

Burley - Hitch Alt Adapter (Quick Release)
Price: $10.00

Burley - Flex Connector for Round Tow Bar
(950037 )
Price: $20.00

Burley - Flex Connector for Square Tow Bar
Price: $20.00
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